Silver Connections Presentation

The Best Practices Home Care Alliance was pleased to present at the Silver Connections Careapalooza Conference on the Changing Landscape of Home Care.   Here are some of the highlights of our presentation.  Click here to download the powerpoint.

IDPH Licensure Update

Did you know that there are more licensed home care agencies like those in the Best Practices Home Care Alliance than there are Walgreens locations? 

Stats as of March 2019 
Home Services Home Nursing Overview

This is a fantastic resource that provides the scope of care based on each level of licensure.

Criminal Background Checks



Anyone can check if a worker is eligible to work in a healthcare setting at:    
Disqualifying Convictions:
Challenges of the Caregiver Workforce


Stats about Care Professionals
  • 2014-2024 projected to add more jobs than any other industry
  • Top 10 fastest growing occupation
  • Majority of caregivers are women
  • 25% born outside the US
    • 90% are US Citizens
    • Immigration issues
  • 50% have no education after high school
Stats about Care Recipients 


  • 40% of adults over 65 need daily assistance
  • Family support base will shrink from 7:1 to 3:1 by 2050
  • Average distance between family members is 280 miles

Legislative Update

Home Health, Home Services, and Home Nursing Agency Licensing Act

On August 11, 2017, the Home Health, Home Services, and Home Nursing Agency Licensing Act was amended (Public Act 100-0099) to require health care facilities and providers in Illinois that receive funds from the State, to refer patients or their families only to agencies licensed under the Home Health, Home Services, and Home Nursing Act.

This new requirement applies to:

  • Hospitals licensed under the Illinois Hospital Licensing Act,
  • Hospitals operated under the University of Illinois Hospital Act,
  • Nursing homes operated under the Nursing Home Care Act, and
  • All other health care providers licensed under any Act of the State of Illinois.


Employee Misclassification Act

The new law requires the Illinois Department of Labor to create an online employee misclassification referral system on its website where misclassification complaints may be made by employer (i.e. HomeCare Agencies) and employees alike to the Department of Employment Security, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Labor, as applicable. Home Care Agencies found not to be in compliance as the result of an administrative review triggered by a referral to the website may have their license denied by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

 Illinois Department of Labor has NOT yet created the complaint system on its website. But, the complaint system is presumably forthcoming as required by the new law.

Challenges for Home Care Employers

Fair Scheduling Act- Predictive Scheduling HB 5046

The Chicago Fair Workweek Ordinance would require Chicago employers to pay their employees for any schedule changes made with less than a two week notice.  

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Services Act

Staff with direct access to clients with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia hired after the adoption of rules implementing this Act shall complete a minimum of 6 hours of initial training in the first 60 days of employment and then must complete 3 hours of advanced training each year thereafter.

Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

On June 4, 2019, the Illinois legislature passed the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (the “Cannabis Act”).  Under the Cannabis Act, Illinois residents over 21 years of age may legally possess 30 grams of marijuana flower and five grams of marijuana concentrate for their personal use, starting January 1, 2020. 

The 610-page Cannabis Act also provides the most extensive workplace protections for employers of any marijuana legalization statute around the country. The Illinois General Assembly declares at the beginning of the Cannabis Act that “employee workplace safety shall not be diminished and employer workplace policies shall be interpreted broadly to protect employee safety.”

Safe Discharge 

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) extended timeline for revising hospital discharge planning requirements until at least November 2019.

Current practices:

  • Hospital discharge/referral patterns getting attention because star ratings on Home Health Compare aren’t steering patients toward the highest quality providers.
  • “Discharge planners may have their own agenda, their own friends and acquaintances, people who they may have known in the past who now work for home health agencies.”

Questions to Ask a Home Care Agency

Visit our Standard compare page at: to learn how Best Practices Home Care Agencies stack up against other home care agencies.

Demonstrated Outcomes by Using a Home Care Agency

Home Care Benefits

  • Minimize falls
  • Manage medications
  • Prepare nutritious meals
  • Assist with personal care

Studies indicate hospital admissions decrease almost 10% with home care and 25% experience fewer doctor visits.

Common Challenges

  • Commonality amongst all providers
  • Adults have the right to make their own choices and perceived bad decisions
  • Family objectives and agendas not in alignment with the older adult
  • Find balance to a successful, safe resolution
    • Intake assessment
    • Safety assessment
    • Risk assessment
    • Needs assessment

Additional resources: 

Page 6812 references the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias Services Act

About the Best Practices Home Care Alliance

Do you have a complex discharge in need of a quality home care solution? Are your patients confused and overwhelmed by the nearly 800 home care agencies in Illinois?  If your patient needs caregiving services, provide one solution – the Best Practices Home Care Alliance. What’s the BPHCA difference? RN Supervision and Oversight, Medication Reconciliation, Ongoing Care Management and Intervention, Caregiver training that exceeds IDPH standards.

Best Practices Home Care Alliance agencies are independently owned agencies with combined over 100 years experience and exceed requirements set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health.   Member agencies also understand that the key to providing high quality home care is by hiring high quality caregivers and CNAs and training them to the Best Practices standards.

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