Program from the DuPage County APS Conference

Highlights from the DuPage County APS Conference

The Best Practices Home Care Alliance was pleased to present at the 6th Annual DuPage County Adult Protective Service Conference on the Changing Landscape of Home Care.   Here are some of the highlights of our presentation.

IDPH Licensure Update

Did you know that there are more licensed home care agencies like those in the Best Practices Home Care Alliance than there are Walgreens locations? 

Does Medicare pay for in-home care?

One of the most common questions we get is, “does medicare pay for your home care services?”   The short answer is no.

Medicare pays for doctor ordered home health services you receive in the home.  These short term services may include intermittent skilled nursing care or physical, speech or occupational therapy.

7 Tips to Improve Memory

These tips come from

Tip # 1 Stay mentally active. Just as physical activity helps keep your body in shape, mentally stimulating activities help keep your brain in shape — and might keep memory loss at bay. Do crossword puzzles. Learn a new a card game. Take alternate routes when driving. Learn to play a musical instrument. Volunteer at a local school or community organization.

Tip #2 Socialize regularly. Social interaction helps ward off depression and stress, both of which can contribute to memory loss. Look for opportunities to get together with loved ones, friends and others — especially if you live alone.